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Shoon is the English pronunciation of Japanese (shun) ,  meaning 'Everything in Season'.  This belief brings ingredients at the peak of their flavor, allowing us to completely enjoy their full potential.  This is reflected in Shoon's private omakase meals , an immersive experience with everything left to the Chefs discretion.  From the choosing of exclusive ingredients, to the preparation of our sushi.  Each piece is given one at a time, or smaller portions, in order to fully enjoy the beautiful simplicity of sushi.     




Chef Matt Kemp has worked and trained with Japanese Chefs across the country, and has played an integral role in opening sushi restaurants in Pittsburgh.  Previously working at Morimoto in Philly, and recently heading the Sushi Department for one of the major private event company's in the city. Chef Kemp now brings his vision of intimate, Omakase style Dinners to Philadelphia.

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Shoon X Boku.

Boku Supper Club and Shoon Sushi are creating intimate Omakase experiences during select Sundays this summer.  Seatings are extremly limited, so stay in the loop with @bokusupperclub

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